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Thrustmaster T818, Direct Drive, Sim Racing Force Feedback Racing Wheel Base for PC

Key points:

  • Direct Drive technology: delivers constant torque of up to 10 N⋅m, with no saturation
  • Unfiltered power: game effects are rendered without any filters, for an incredibly detailed experience that’s faithful to the game developer’s intentions
  • Esports-caliber Force Feedback: smooth, powerful and turbocharged, to transmit every detail to the driver and help facilitate outstanding performance in competitions
  • Backward and future compatibility: compatible with all Thrustmaster wheel rims, pedal sets and other add-on devices, and designed to support future Thrustmaster racing ecosystem products
  • Next-generation Quick Release 5 seconds is all it takes to change Thrustmaster wheel rims equipped with the Quick Release Adapter, or next-generation Thrustmaster wheel rims
  • Dynamic LEDs: customizable hexagonal ring of RGB LEDs on the front of the wheel base, ready to interact with game telemetry data
  • Interchangeable metal plates on both sides of the wheel base: a variety of metal plates in different colors are also available (sold separately)
  • Compatible with cockpits or desks/tables: 4 attachment points on the underside of the base for cockpit mounting, or directly adaptable with the Cockpit Mounting Kit or Desk Mounting Kit (both sold separately)
  • Compatible with PC (Windows 10/11)

About the product:

Experience all the intensity of racing with T818. Powered by Direct Drive technology, T818 has been specially designed with both performance and lifelike response in mind. Its angular acceleration has been optimized for smooth, powerful and turbocharged Force Feedback with super-fast response time. No filters are applied to effects transmitted by the game, for amazing realism and instant uptake of crucial racing information. Be forewarned: you'll feel every detail — but even small mistakes will cost you. T818 gives expert racing drivers comprehensive control of their vehicles, if they can handle all that power.

T818 is compatible with PC, with the entire existing and future Thrustmaster racing ecosystem.