Proudly the first Sim Racing brand in the Middle East, Immersive Esports was born to bring the unbridled thrill of the race to each and every motorsports enthusiast in the region.

A subsidiary of Pole Position, the Middle East’s leading automotive event and consultancy business, Immersive Esports utilizes its racing pedigree to bring virtual racing as close as possible to the real thing.

Pole Position and Immersive Esports founder, Ryan Trutch, quickly identified an opportunity for increased provision of virtual racing in the midst of Covid-19 lockdowns. With children, teens, adults, and families alike finding themselves with more free time than ever before, now was the time to challenge aspiring drivers to test themselves against the very best. 

Never before has it been possible for you and yours to race against the finest Formula 1 drivers, from Lando Norris to Max Verstappen, on the world’s most prestigious tracks and arenas.

This is no longer about ‘gaming’, this is a race-realistic simulation in which young drivers and F1 fanatics alike can hone their skills and experience the unparallelly feeling of hurtling around a world-class track, in a world-class car.

With eyes fixed firmly ahead, Immersive Esports is proud to begin the roll-out of its franchise concept, with its flagship Sim Racing Center opening in Q4 2022.


Ready to hit the track? Well then – what are you waiting for?

Sim Racing



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