Simucube 2 Ultimate Direct Drive Wheel Base

Dhs. 11,852

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You’re witnessing the pinnacle of direct drive force feedback technology.

With the level of response, acceleration, and torque amplified to infinity, this one was created for the best of the best. For those who don’t want to just race, but win.

Designed for professional racing teams and drivers to mimic the thrilling experience
of a real race car.


Simucube 2 Ultimate Wheelbase

  • Power Supply
  • All required cables
  • Premium Torque Off Button
  • Fixings for Wheel Base
  • Pin for Simucube Quick Release
  • Simucube Quick Release Side Parts


  • Wheel Base Dimensions incl. SQR: 115 x 115 x 310 mm
  • Mounting Holes: 9 mm dia x 4 pcs through hole
  • Mounting Hole Pattern DIA: 130 mm
  • Flange Centering Hole DIA: 110 mm
  • Wheel Base Weight: 11.3kg


  • Motor: Maximum response speed, low inertia, Direct Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motor
  • Max Torque: 32 Nm
  • Max Torque Slew Rate: 9.5 Nm/ms
  • Angle Sensor: 24 bit hiperface
  • Power Supply: 1000 W
  • Torque Slew Rate Adjustment: 1. 9.0 Nm/ms
  • Torque Reconstruction Processing: Yes
  • Static Force Reduction: Yes, in detail adjustable
  • Natural Damping, Intertia and Friction Filters: Yes
  • Ultra Low Latency Mode: Yes

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