Simucube 2 Sport Direct Drive Wheel Base

Dhs. 5,108

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Looking to get into sim racing?

There’s a right way to do it. And a wrong way. Choose wisely.

Throw yourself into the world of sim racing, and join the elite club of sim racers. The Simucube 2 Sport gives you a feeling of complete immersion at a more affordable price than the Simucube 2 Pro.

Max torque or not, the feedback is real.

What's Included: 

Simucube 2 Sport Wheelbase

  • Power Supply
  • All required cables
  • Standard Torque Off Button
  • Fixings for Wheel Base
  • Pin for Simucube Quick Release
  • Does NOT include: Simucube Quick Release Side Parts



  • Wheel Base Dimensions incl. SQR: 130 x 130 x 250 mm
  • Mounting Holes: M8 x 4 pcs threaded hole
  • Mounting Hole Pattern DIA: 145 mm
  • Flange Centering Hole DIA: 110 mm
  • Wheel Base Weight: 8kg


  • Motor: Direct Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motor
  • Wireless Wheel Support: Yes
  • Max Torque: 17 Nm
  • Max Torque Slew Rate: 4.8 Nm/ms
  • Angle Sensor: 22 bit absolute
  • Power Supply: 280 W
  • Torque Slew Rate Adjustment: 1 – 4.8.0 Nm/ms
  • Torque Reconstruction Processing: Yes
  • Static Force Reduction: Yes
  • Natural Damping, Inertia and Friction Filters: Yes

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