Pedal Set XP1 Loadcell - 2 pedals set (no cluth)

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Introducing the Sim-Lab XP1 200KG Loadcell Pedal Set! Simulate any pedal of any car with the most complete sim-racing pedal set available. Carefully crafted to satisfy the needs of serious sim racing enthusiasts, this top-notch and fully customizable pedal set is designed to take your on-track performance to new heights. Experience the thrill of absolute control, immerse yourself in the authenticity of sim racing, and unleash your true racing potential with the Sim-Lab XP1 200KG Loadcell Pedal Set. It's time to elevate your racing experience and leave your competitors in the dust.


  • Mounts on virtually any pedal deck
  • Inclination of pedal easily adjustable
  • Blue color illustrates adjustability
  • Pedal face adjustable in height and angle
  • Swappable pedal face
  • Real ball-bearings in pedal arm
  • Strong full metal construction
  • Pedal position free of constraint
  • Pedal maximum travel adjustable