Immersive Esports brings its unique blend of experience in grassroots and elite-level motorsports to the digital sports realm, offering unrivalled expertise in a range of marketing, strategy, and events disciplines.

Digital sports offer a distinct opportunity to bring the joy and benefits of sport to a wider audience in a more accessible fashion. With sporting governing bodies, including the Olympic Committee, beginning to utilize this technology, this is just the start of the next

generation of sports. Immersive Esports expertise in both digital and real-world motorsports allows a unique opportunity to create pathways between the two. Whether transitioning from digital racing to the real track or using virtual racing to hone your real-world driving skills, the benefits of this approach are endless.



  • Nationwide digital motorsports strategy development and strategic
  • School Esports programs
  • Turnkey Esports competitions creation and management
  • Digital racing circuit creation
  • Marketing of Esports tournaments and events
  • Access to Esports sponsors
  • Management of anti-doping and fair play during Esports tournaments
  • Franchising solutions


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